ADHD, also known as Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, afflicts nearly one in 20 adults in Canada. This condition (of which awareness has increased over the years but still has a ways togo) affects a person’s ability to focus, get organized and regulate his or her behaviour. Hallmark symptoms of ADHD include constant fidgeting, lack of focus or inability to concentrate, impulsive behaviour, excessive talking and/or speaking at a rapid pace, and frequently interrupting conversations or blurting out inappropriately.

Any one of these symptoms can have negative effects at work or in social situations; the presence of multiple ADHD symptoms has the potential for dire consequences. This is especially true for adults, as we are held responsible for our words and actions, as opposed to youth who are often granted a pass. That’s why I focus on treating adults with ADHD. My approach incorporates proven strategies to help you overcome the negative effects of ADHD while leveraging the upside.

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How To Turn ADHD Around Into A Positive

Adults with previously undiagnosed or untreated ADHD (which used to be called “ADD” without the ‘hyperactive’ component) may not recognize what is causing their issues and indeed could themselves be misunderstood by their colleagues, friends and peers. Other adults with ADHD may have been diagnosed with ADHD/ADD in their childhood or teens (where this disorder is even more prevalent) and are either now experiencing a recurrence of ADHD symptoms or still suffering. The good news, however, is that it doesn’t have to be that way!

Countless adults with ADHD not only survive but thrive in life, as over time we have learned the positive power and tremendous upside that is associated with ADHD. Many adults with ADHD have developed the opposite side of the coin, having become able to “hyper-focus” for extendedperiods of time, a skill that comes in handy in one’s career! I focus on this positive side with my patients who have ADHD, helping them hone skills in focusing, concentration and behaviour control. To find out more and get started on ADHD treatment, contact me today.

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