Helping Adults with Autism Gain Skills & Confidence

Autism is one of the most misunderstood conditions among adults in Canada nowadays. For starters, there is autism, and then there’s the autism spectrum. A number of conditions fall on the autism spectrum – these are known as ASD or autism spectrum disorder. ASD includes Asperger’s Syndrome (for which we have a separate page) as well as childhood disintegrative disorder and pervasive developmental disorder.

On this page we are talking specifically about autism, a disorder with hallmarks of behavioural and social challenges. These challenges include communication barriers, different ways of perceiving one’s environment, and (a classic trait of autistic adults) often a strong need to stick to structure, patterns and rituals that others often see as frustrating or incomprehensible. At Unique Peace Counselling, we focus solely on treating autism in adults, and do not offer treatment for youth at this time.

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Therapy in a Positive, Supporting Environment

It’s not an overstatement when we say that, quite simply, autistic people see the world differently than other people do. These differences most likely caused that person significant frustration and perhaps even trauma as he or she was going through youth. As an adult, the world poses a different set of frustrations for people with autism as well as for others (friends, colleagues, family et al) in their lives. This is manifested in situations from work and social interaction to relationships and much more.

At Unique Peace Counselling, our goal is to work with people with autism and give them the tools and confidence they need to survive and thrive. A great deal of this comes down to communication skills and the ability to interact with other people in their lives, from colleagues and superiors at work, to people they may encounter going about the day to day, to friends, family members and partners. If you have autism, we are here to lessen the burden you feel you are to the people around you, and to empower you to know and feel that you are a valuable member of society and that you have great meaning to the people in your life. If you are a friend of loved one of a person with autism, we encourage you to attend a session (or more) as this has proven to be an effective contribution to the process.

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