Unfortunately, everyone will experience loss at some point in their life – it's inevitable and unfortunately inescapable. Grief is the natural reaction to any form of loss, and whether the loss is a pet, a friend, a family member, or another life circumstance, it often hits us harder than we expect.

When grieving, you can experience a whole host of emotions from deep sadness to abnormal anger, and sometimes even guilt. With every circumstance of loss, the significance of the relationship and the personality of the griever will strongly influence what kind of emotions you will go through. If left untreated and unresolved, the pain of grief can begin to affect your physical health, making it hard to eat, sleep, or even think straight.

At Unique Peace Counselling, we are here to offer caring and constructive therapy to help you understand your emotions, cope with your feelings, and help you be at peace with what has transpired. The subject of death or loss involves a difficult conversation, but it is a natural part of life that we must all face at some point. If you are experiencing grief from a recent loss, let us help you through it, you don’t have to endure the pain alone.

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In order to comprehend what you're experiencing, you should familiarize yourself with the common emotions and feelings that people exhibit when grieving. Understanding the different dimensions of grief can provide enlightenment in knowing that it is perfectly normal to feel the way that you do. It is important to note that not everybody goes through the exact same experience, but there are similarities in reactions that many people share in response to a loss.

Anger – You might find yourself abnormally angry and can direct that anger outwardly at other people or even yourself.

Depression – You can experience some overwhelming feelings of deep sadness. People often want to isolate themselves and push others away.

Denial – It’s natural to be in denial following a loss. It helps protect you from overwhelming emotions in response to what has happened.

Whatever your grieving process, we are here to help you through it. Each and every one of these emotions is perfectly normal to experience and you are not alone in your struggle. At Unique Peace Counselling, we have the expertise to help you learn to manage and cope with your grief – to help you move on with your life. If you or someone you know has suffered through a significant loss in their life, contact us today to get the help you need.

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